Know About Hotel Rajhans International

The Hotel Rajhans International is located in an area which is most appropriate for business .You will find a personalized welcome and an almost familiar atmosphere,peace and quiet in the center of Bhagalpur (Bihar).
The very quiet Hotel in Bhagalpur offers comfort and great service for its guests. The Raj Hans International is the oldest and most reputed hotel in Bhagalpur located in Kachahari Chowk (2 kilometres to the east of Bhagalpur Station) is the hub of business.
The city has been the centre of trade and commerce and one of the most influential in “Aryavarta” or India of that time and was concurrent to Patliputra or Patna. Bhagdatpuram finds its mention in the Vedas and Ramayana as well. It is supposed to be the kingdom of Daanvir Karna “the son of Kunti from God Sun” and was called Ang Pradesh. The word Bhagalpur literally means ‘City of good luck.’